wire & sheet metal baskets and grilles

There is evidence that wire goods have been produced in the Vulkaneifel since 1830.

In this almost 200-year tradition, and with the help of modern machines our experienced employees have been producing baskets and grids made of wire and sheet metal at the Hillesheim site since 1997.

We are ready for your special project!
We listen, we ask, and then we design a product that meets your expectations.
Steel, stainless steel, aluminum or special steels…
Suitable processing options are available for each material type.
We weld in resistance welding, MIG/MAG and TIG processes.

Highly qualified employees and state-of-the-art plant technology stand for precision and high quality.

Sustainable manufacturing – we are CO2-neutral in our manufacturing process.

We rely on 100% recyclable products, have been continuously reducing our energy consumption for years despite increasing production volumes, and already generate a large part of the electricity we need in our own combined heat and power plant, the waste heat from which is used for heating and hot water.

The amount of CO2 generated here and by purchased electricity is already overcompensated by investments in sustainable reforestation projects.
We do everything we can to satisfy you with our products.
Let us convince you!